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This site has been set up to help you understand what neti pots are, how they may help you, how to use them, and link you to sites where you can buy them.

It includes a range of material to help you to decide whether, like thousands of others, a neti pot is the right way for you to combat a range of ailments including sinusitis, colds and allergies.

The use of neti pots is increasing. What was once thought of as an odd activity in the western world, is growing in popularity as we learn from those that see this as part of their normal daily ritual - as normal as brushing their teeth. As a result, many people feel they are really seeing benefits with this drug free approach.

Neti Pots come in a range of sizes and shapes but all perform the same purpose.

Please use the tabs above to find out more about what Neti Pots are, how you use them, what their benefits are and where you can buy them.

Neti Pots, if used correctly, should only provide positive benefits.

However, you use a Neti Pot at your own risk. You should always carefully follow the instructions provided. If you are uncertain about the suitability of a Neti Pot for you, you should consult you Doctor. If you experience any pain or discomfort whilst using a Neti Pot, please stop using it immediately and consult a Doctor.

Many people use Neti Pots and are delighted with the results.

We hope you are one of the growing number who do so.