Using a Neti Pot doesn’t sound pleasant, what does it feel like?

It doesn’t sound pleasant but once you try it, you realise just how easy it is – and there should be no discomfort at all. Those who use it regularly say that it is relaxing and enjoyable.

Won’t I suffocate or drown?

This is a common misunderstanding but the water washes out the nasal cavity and drains out of the other nostril, so you can breathe normally through your mouth for the entire time.

How long does it take?
With practice (which may only be after a few sessions), it can take approximately 5 minutes to do both nostrils.
Are Neti Pots expensive?
No. For a stainless steel neti pot, the best type in our view, they cost about £15 (often including postage and packing). This is probably only 4 packets of your chosen decongestant – which won’t last as long as a neti pot. In addition they either aren’t working or you want a drug free regime and that is why you are exploring what neti pots can do.
Where can I buy a Neti Pot?
Please use link at the top of the page to find links to a range of suppliers – or click on this link: Buy a Neti Pot
What are the potential problems?
Although Neti Pots have a reported 84% success rates, a small minority of people do not get on with them, or find them beneficial.

Some people may have hardened blockages and these may be eliminated gradually over several attempts, but may be due to a deviated septum which will not be resolved through use of a Neti Pot.

If the water temperature is not correct, or the salinity is not right, some users may experience burning or irritation of the nasal lining. That is why it is important to test it by taking a sip first.

Pure clean water should always be used, distilled or recently boiled is best. Tap water or water from other sources, especially if you can’t guarantee it is free from any harmful bacteria, should not be used.

If a user feels sharp pains due to pressure on the sinuses, or for any other reason, they should stop immediately and consult a doctor.