Using a Neti Pot?

How does it work?

The Neti Pot is filled with tepid water, recently boiled and cooled to body temperature is best and non-iodised salt is added and dissolved to create a saline solution (approximately 1% salinity – roughly the same amount of salt found in the blood).

Over a sink, bathtub, or outdoors on the ground, the head is held with the forehead and chin at roughly the same level facing downward.

The spout of the Neti Pot is then placed in one nostril and then that same nostril is tilted upward and along with the neti pot to begin pouring the water into that nostril.
Breathing is continued through the mouth. The water flows down and out from the other (lower) nostril.

Approximately half of the solution is used for each side. If the water flows freely then it can be done in two passes, one for each side. If the water seems to be blocked, switching back and forth several times may be needed.

Once Jala Neti has been performed, you need to eliminate any remaining water from the nose. The techniques may vary but usually involve bending over and breathing quick breaths out the nose in quick repetition. It is important not to close off one nostril or squeeze the nose in any way as this may cause water to be forced into areas that do not dry easily and may cause infection such as in the ear canal. A tissue may be used but is just held lightly surrounding the nose.

Neti Pot Videos from youtube